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Teaching in Aberdeenshire is a rewarding experience allowing you to develop the learning of our young residents and also your career, who better to hear this from than our staff themselves:

Children benefit greatly from being in walking distance from the beach, harbour and woods.  And as a result, my teachers are able to create motivating and encouraging lessons in a range of different settings. There is a positive ethos across the whole authority which encourages staff to share ideas and resources to support colleagues” – Lisa, Head Teacher


Opening of Midmill Primary School23


Take the plunge and come join us! There are so many beautiful places to live and things to experience in Aberdeenshire whilst being given opportunities to progress, diversify and be challenged” – Maxine, Quality Improvement Officer




Aberdeenshire Council is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland. The people are friendly, the kids are great and the staff are warm and inviting. I chose to work here for the prospect of getting to know a school, staff and cohort of pupils for more than just a year. I am really enjoying my time here so far and don’t see that changing! It’s a great place and a great council to work for.” – Mike, Teacher

Ellon Community Campus15


Working in Aberdeenshire feels like painting on a blank canvas…I’ve been allowed to explore and experiment with different techniques to develop my skill set, which I’ve then had opportunity to share with my colleagues in formal and informal settings.  Working as a Teacher in Aberdeenshire is stimulating, and the supportive environment continues to push me to be the best I can be. The determination and stamina of the workforce here is contagious and has encouraged me to do my best!” – Chris, Teacher