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Primary Teaching

Primary ChildrenFrom town schools with a roll of 600+ students to small rural village schools with a roll of less than 30 pupils, our 150 Primary schools will offer a complete range of teaching environments in which you could develop your career.

We offer an excellent array of development opportunities, helping you craft your skills and progress in your career. We also have links with local Universities who provide specific development programmes such as the Flexible Route to Headship.

And what better way to hear about what we have to offer, than from some of our current staff!

“Children benefit greatly from being in walking distance from the beach, harbour and woods.  And as a result, my teachers are able to create motivating and encouraging lessons in a range of different settings. There is a positive ethos across the whole authority which encourages staff to share ideas and resources to support colleagues” – Lisa, Head Teacher

“Take the plunge and come join us! There are so many beautiful places to live and things to experience in Aberdeenshire whilst being given opportunities to progress, diversify and be challenged” – Maxine, Quality Improvement Officer

“Aberdeenshire Council is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland. The people are friendly, the kids are great and the staff are warm and inviting. I chose to work here for the prospect of getting to know a school, staff and cohort of pupils for more than just a year. I am really enjoying my time here so far and don’t see that changing! It’s a great place and a great council to work for.” – Mike, Teacher

We currently have a number of vacancies across a wide range of our Primary Schools and would welcome an application from you to come join us in Aberdeenshire!



ABS11353 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Alford Academy 0.8FTE

ABS11264 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Auchterellon Primary 1FTE

ABS11409 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Banff Primary 0.8FTE

ABS11254 Teacher of Primary – Buchanhaven Primary 1FTE

ABS11346 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Crimond Primary 0.6FTE

ABS11378 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Dales Primary 0.4FTE

ABS11211 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Daviot Primary 0.8FTE

ABS11375 Teacher of Primary  – Fishermoss Primary 1FTE

ABS11367 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Gordon Primary 0.8FTE

ABS11370 Teacher of Primary – Lochpots Primary 1FTE

ABS10779 Teacher of Primary – Macduff Primary 0.4FTE

ABS11397 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Redmyre Primary 0.05FTE

ABS11400 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – St Cyrus Primary 0.2FTE

ABS11427 Teacher of Primary – St Andrews Primary, F’Burgh 1FTE

ABS11398 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Strathburn Primary 0.4FTE

ABS11413 Teacher of Primary – Strathburn Primary 0.4FTE

ABS11053 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Turriff Primary 0.4FTE

ABS011369 Teacher of Primary (fixed term) – Westhill Primary 1FTE


We are proud of our diverse range of schools and environment and relocating to Aberdeenshire for the next exciting stage in your career is easier than you think.   You will receive an upfront payment of £5k settling in allowance (less tax and national insurance) as part of an overall relocation package of up to £8k (subject to criteria*)  NB This incentive will only apply to permanent appointments from outwith Aberdeenshire Council.  Full details of the Relocation Incentive Scheme Procedure

There are opportunities for full-time and part-time teachers, permanent and fixed term.  We are able to offer opportunities to work full-time permanent in a school network where you can enjoy the benefit of experiencing life in different primary schools.  Achievements in ECS

View a full list of our primary schools.