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Secondary Teaching

With 17 secondary schools serving 14,000 students across the S1 to S6 age groups, our roll size range from 600 to 1500 pupils.

Secondary pupilsLending ourselves to outdoor learning, the environments you’ll find yourself teaching in will not only energise you, but your pupils too. You’ll find that personal and professional life go hand in hand, developing and delivering education in innovative ways. We encourage our staff to push themselves in an environment of friendly, considerate and well-mannered pupils.

Working in Aberdeenshire feels like painting on a blank canvas…I’ve been allowed to explore and experiment with different techniques to develop my skill set, which I’ve then had opportunity to share with my colleagues in formal and informal settings.  Working as a Teacher in Aberdeenshire is stimulating and the supportive environment continues to push me to be the best I can be. The determination and stamina of the workforce here is contagious and has encouraged me to do my best!” – Chris, Teacher

We currently have a number of vacancies across a wide range of our Secondary Schools and would welcome an application from you to come join us in Aberdeenshire:


Ellon Academy01

ABS10957 Teacher of Business Studies (Fixed Term) – Alford Academy 1TE

ABS10998 Teacher of Business Studies – Fraserburgh Academy 1FTE

ABS11050 Teacher of Chemistry – Mearns Academy 1FTE

ABS11098 Teacher of Drama – Peterhead Academy 1FTE

ABS11005 Teacher of Drama – Fraserburgh Academy 1FTE

ABS10947 Teacher of Drama – Banchory Academy 1FTE

ABS11095 Teacher of English (Fixed Term) – Banchory Academy 1FTE

ABS11082 Teacher of English – Ellon Academy 1FTE

ABS11059 Teacher of English (Fixed Term) – Kemnay Academy 1FTE

ABS11090 Teacher of English – Inverurie Academy 1FTE

ABS11042 Teacher of English – Peterhead Academy 1FTE

ABS10991 Teacher of English – Turriff Academy 1FTE

ABS10972 Teacher of English – Inverurie Academy 0.4FTE

ABS11187 Teacher of Home Economics – Meldrum Academy 1FTE

ABS10887 Teacher of Mathematics – Banff Academy 0.4FTE

ABS10941 Teacher of Mathematics – Aboyne Academy 1FTE

ABS11043 Teacher of Mathematics – Peterhead Academy 1FTE

ABS11008 Teacher of Mathematics – Westhill Academy 1FTE

ABS10941 Teacher of Mathematics -Aboyne Academy 1FTE

ABS11112 Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages – Mearns Academy 0.8FTE

ABS10988 Teacher of Modern Languages – Inverurie Academy 1FTE

ABS11024 Teacher of Music – Aboyne Academy 1FTE

ABS10901 Teacher of Music – Mintlaw Academy 0.4FTE

ABS11190 Teacher of Physical Education – Peterhead Academy 1FTE

ABS10975 Teacher of Physical Education – Mearns Academy 1FTE

ABS11011 Teacher of Physical Education (Fixed Term) – Mackie Academy 1FTE

ABS11089 Teacher of Physical Education – Meldrum Academy 1FTE

ABS10987 Teacher of Technical Education – Fraserburgh Academy 1FTE

ABS11181 Teacher of RME – Meldrum Academy 1FTE

ABS11118 Teacher of RME – Inverurie Academy 1FTE

We also offer the opportunity of combining part-time roles across schools to enable a full-time position.

We are proud of our diverse range of schools and environment and relocating to Aberdeenshire for the next exciting stage in your career is easier than you think.   You will receive an upfront payment of £5k settling in allowance (less tax and national insurance) as part of an overall relocation package of up to £8k (subject to criteria*)  NB This incentive will only apply to permanent appointments from outwith Aberdeenshire Council.  Full details of the Relocation Incentive Scheme Procedure

View a full list of our secondary schools.