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A Career in Building Services or Energy Management

Are you concerned about climate change?

heating-engineerMechanical and Electrical building services engineering and energy management will give you the opportunity to implement and develop environmentally friendly energy efficient building services.

A career in Mechanical and Electrical building services or energy management will involve developing the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Very few careers offer more variety.

Sometimes you will be working to create a highly sensitive environment in a computer suite or forensic laboratory; another day you will be designing or improving energy efficient building services for a school; your next project could be in a 200 year old listed building where you will need to install efficient but invisible services while leaving ancient structures intact.

You may also be involved in housing projects and need to take account of psychological aspects to design user-friendly systems that are energy efficient.

What qualifications and experience do you need?

To get started you will need
•’s’ grades in Science & Maths
•an interest in design enthusiasm and creativity
•a talent for making things work

tapCareers in building services engineering are suitable for electricians, plumbers, gas fitters and maintenance, heating, ventilation, controls and refrigeration engineers. An apprenticeship will allow you to earn while you learn and then go on to college for a BTEC National Certificate qualification. You can then work towards professional recognition as an Engineering Technician or Incorporated Engineer.

If you plan to get a degree you could aim to become a Project Engineer or an Energy Manager. There are no limits to what you can achieve in this profession. With further study to Masters level and post-graduate experience, you can become a Chartered Engineer and be responsible for leading and directing major projects.

Alternatively we offer opportunities for those who want to leave school and pursue academic training on a part-time basis or through distance learning. Those who choose this route will learn through practical experience supplemented by academic training.

Future Career Opportunities

We will give you financial support, practical experience and mentoring as you work towards a professional qualification. We sponsor trainees through day or block release and we train graduates. In time you will have direct responsibility for your own project. We will help you realise your potential.