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A Career in Civil and Structural Engineering

civil-engineerAre you creative?  Do you have an urge to build things?  Are you inspired by the work of the great Engineers such as Telford or Brunel?

Perhaps a career within civil or structural engineering could be for you.

The Infrastructure Service provides 7 engineering functions that are fundamental to our way of life:

•Coast Protection
•Flood Management
•Roads and winter maintenance
•Traffic Engineering

What we deal with may not be on the scale of the Forth Bridge of the Thames Barrier, but it will challenge you nonetheless. Our task is to get the most out of the infrastructure we have and to create new infrastructure in a sustainable fashion.  When you understand civil engineering, you see the world differently?

building-standards-2What qualifications and experience do you need?

To qualify as an Engineering Technician, an Incorporated Engineer or a Chartered Engineer you require academic study and structured practical training combined.

You must complete:
•HNC in Civil or Structural Engineering to become an Engineering Technician
•4 year BEng degree leading towards becoming an Incorporated Engineer
•5 year MEng degree leading towards becoming a Chartered Engineer

Most universities across Scotland run suitable courses. Entry requirements vary but normally include Maths, Physics and English.

Alternatively we offer opportunities for those who want to leave school and pursue academic training on a day or block release basis. Those who choose this route will learn through experience of practical work tasks and by gaining knowledge through on the job experience, supplemented by academic training.

Gritter 2Future Career Opportunities

We will give you financial support, practical experience and mentoring as you work towards a professional qualification. We sponsor trainees through day or block release and we train graduates. You will have direct responsibility for your own project as soon as you can handle it. We will help you realise your potential.

For further information contact:

Head of Roads and Landscape Services
Transportation & Infrastructure
Harlaw Way
AB51 4SG

Tel: 01467 536279

Alternatively contact :

The Institution of Civil Engineers – 020 7222 7722
The Institution of Highways Engineers – 020 3551 5681
The Institution of Highways and Transportation – 020 7336 1555