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A Career in Social Work

Social Workers help people to live more successfully within their local communities by helping them find solutions to their problems.

family-centreForming relationships with people, they engage not only with service users themselves but also with their families and wider social networks. Social Workers also work closely with other organisations including the Police, NHS, Schools, the Community Justice Authority and a range of voluntary and independent sector agencies.

Social Workers are professionally qualified staff who assess the needs of service users and plan the individual packages of care and support that best help them. Once qualified, Social Workers tend to specialise in either adult or children’s services:

Adult Services

Roles include providing assessment, advice and support for people in need of community care services. This would include working with older people, people who have mental health problems, people with learning disabilities, people with physical disabilities/chronic health problems and people who have substance misuse problems. Social Workers in adult services also work with offenders, by supervising them in the community and supporting them to find work.

Children / Young People Services

Roles include providing assistance and advice to keep families together; working in children’s homes; managing adoption and foster care processes; providing support to younger people leaving care or who are at risk or in trouble with the law; or helping children who have problems at school or are facing difficulties brought on by illness in the family.

What qualifications and experience do you need?

playingIf you are starting out in your career you will need to study for the four year Honours Degree in Social Work. During this course you will receive professional training for the job entailing a mix of academic studies and practical experience. If you are already qualified , Aberdeenshire Council is always on the lookout for graduates and trained professionals in Social Work who relish the challenge of working with individuals, families, groups and communities.

The RGU is the nearest university offering the new Honours Degree in Social Work. To find out more Email: admissions@rgu.ac.uk

You will also need:

a commitment to helping people
honesty and a responsible attitude to work
the ability to develop trusting, professional relationships with service users
patience, resilience and a mature attitude
sound values and the ability to promote choice and dignity
an awareness of the different needs of people, depending on race, gender, sexuality, ability, religion, culture and age
excellent communication and listening skills
self-awareness and a non-judgemental approach
the ability to deal with stress
good team-working skills

Future Career Opportunities

Career prospects within Social Work are excellent. Career development is available allowing you to progress to promoted posts. Additional qualifications and experience may make you eligible to apply for Senior Practitioner posts.

For further information contact:

Housing & Social Work
Social Work
Woodhill House
AB16 5GB
Tel: 01224 664985

Or visit the Scottish Social Services Council website.