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A Career in Trading Standards

In an ideal world everything about buying and selling would be fair, products would be safe and fit for purpose and people would never be cheated or defrauded in any way.

Unfortunately reality is very different. That is why we always need qualified and dedicated trading standards officers to act on behalf of consumers and businesses alike.

A qualified officer in Trading Standards will:

•Ensure the toys we buy for our children are safe
•Investigate dangerous counterfeits and remove them from sale
•Check to ensure you get a full pint of beer
•Guarantee you get the correct quantity of fuel
•Make sure garages service your car safely
•Test new and second hand furniture for fire safety

These are only a handful of the contributions made by trading standards staff in the course of their work. A career in trading standards is always varied and never dull.

What qualifications and experience do you need?

There are a number of entry points to the trading standards service:

You can begin your route to full qualification at Foundation Certificate rising through the Diploma in Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards (DCATS) to the Higher Diploma (HDCATS). Point of entry is determined by the Trading Standards Institute which manages the qualification system.

•An accredited degree course will provide exemptions from some or all of the written examinations, and Aberdeenshire will provide the opportunity for you to complete the portfolio of evidence of skills and competency which is also required.

•If you begin as an undergraduate trainee we will provide you with holiday employment before you graduate. Full employment as a post graduate trainee follows.
•As a graduate from a non-accredited degree course there is an intensive one year graduate conversion course available at Manchester Metropolitan University.
•As an Authorised Officer you can start at foundation level and then obtain the DCATS. Theoretical material can be obtained through distance learning and practical experience gained in the course of your work. Progression to the higher diploma is an option. After obtaining the DCATS, Authorised Officers work in general enforcement but build up an expertise and take on a lead role in a particular area of legislation.

Future Career Opportunities

Within Aberdeenshire Council there is a professional development scheme in which staff can move from the post-graduate trainee stage to senior trading standards officer. We offer both financial and office based support to help trainees achieve their professional qualification.

Promoted posts within Aberdeenshire Trading Standards are:

•Senior Trading Standards Officer
•Principal Trading Standards Officer and
•Trading Standards Manager

For further information contact

Trading Standards Manager
Aberdeenshire Council
Gordon House
Blackhall Road
AB51 3WA
Tel: 01467 536190