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Darren McCance, Probationer Art Teacher, Alford Academy


“Art was my main subject at school, my Teacher always supported and encouraged me, at the time I didn’t want to specialise in art and become a painter or illustrator I just enjoyed arts and crafts in general so didn’t want to go down a career route in just one area, I also wanted to help people so teaching was the natural way forward for me.  Teaching became my main focus and to go into Secondary Teaching you need a discipline behind you, so I went on to study digital art and illustration at the University of the West of Scotland.  I went in at 3rd year for 2 years to achieve my honors degree, I spent time working in the roofing industry for 2 years to get some money behind me before going back to uni.



I completed the 1 year Professional Graduate Diploma in Education at the University of Strathclyde and I am now doing my probationary year in the art department at Alford Academy.  I decided to choose the preference waiver when I applied so could be based anywhere, I looked forward to the adventure and wanted to move on and make my own story.  I was both excited and nervous when I started, University placements are different as you don’t get to build same relationship with the kids in 5 or 6 weeks and there aren’t the same time restraints.  Now I have my own class room and have installed a good curriculum.

I relocated to live in Alford, it’s beautiful, you don’t see that in Glasgow amongst the concrete.  The locals are such pleasant people and there is a real sense of community, in Glasgow you can get lost in the population of city, but here I really get to know parents in community.  There is a real community aspect within the campus as it includes both Primary and Secondary schools alongside the community centre and sports facilities.”


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