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Jobs at Aberdeenshire Council

Employees in Politically Restricted Posts

Under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (Section 2), a number of Council employees hold posts which are politically restricted. 

If Aberdeenshire Council employees are employed in a post that has been designated as Politically Restricted, it is a condition of employment that they are prohibited from:

  • Standing for or holding public elected office (e.g. House of Commons, European Parliament, Local Authority).
  • Acting as an election agent or sub-agent for a candidate for any of the above.
  • Holding office in a political party (including membership of a committee) if that would require them to participate in the general management of the party or branch or to act on behalf of the party in dealing with persons other than members of the party.
  • Canvassing on behalf of a political party or candidate.
  • Speaking or writing to affect public support for a political party.