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Aberdeenshire Council supports flexible working as part of its commitment to quality of life, the provision of excellent services, sustainability, equality and best value. Through the Work Smart Programme, the Council is looking at new ways of working which will make us more efficient and able to provide better services for our customers.

The Council has various flexible working options that you may be able to request depending on the service delivery your job requires. See below some of the job profiles and working patterns on offer.

Flexi Time

This is usually available for employees working in office based jobs that work standard hours and allows you to choose your start and finish time, but still fulfill your work commitments.  The Flexitime schemes allow employees some freedom to vary their daily working hours, although you will be expected to work your hours between certain times (core hours usually operate between 10am-4pm) depending on Service requirements.

As long as you work between 50% and 150% of your normal working day and take a break of at least half an hour. You can build up to 20 hours credit or 10 hours credit to carry forward each four week period. Depending on your service this allows you to take off between one and two full days per four week period using the hours accrued subject to line manager approval.

hotdeskFlexible Working

Flexible working is available for job profiles that can be carried out at more than one location if the tasks of the job do not all have to be carried out at a fixed location.

Employees will be able to work from multiple council locations that suit service delivery and their schedule or may work from home one or two days a week.

Flexible workers will not have a fixed workstation but will have the appropriate technology that allows them to work from any one available.

Mobile Working

Mobile working is available for job profiles that are generally not office based and the tasks involved require the employee to be customer facing or ‘out in the field’.

Employees are provided with the appropriate technology to allow them to carry out their job responsibilities away from the office and ‘touch down’ at an available workstation when required or can work from home two to three days a week.

Annualised Hours

This means that you commit yourself to undertake a number of hours per annum and a specific work pattern. You will be paid an average pay each period. Although not restricted to, this working pattern is more suited to jobs which are dependant on daylight hours and weather such as landscape gardening.

mobile workingCompressed Working Hours

This scheme allows employees to apply to work their total number of contracted hours over fewer days. For example, working full-time hours over four days a week instead of five or working a nine-day fortnight.

Part-time Working

Part-time working is a working pattern option that allows employees to work less than the usual full time hours per week for that job post.

The number of days per week a part time employee works, and the number of hours each day, will depend on the usual working pattern for the post, the needs of the employee, and the needs of the service.

Shift Swapping

Shift swapping allows employees to exchange shifts with colleagues in the same job. Employees can adjust their working pattern to suit their own circumstances while ensuring that service provision is maintained.

Term-time working

This is a flexible working option, mainly available to employees working in services connected to education and schools. These employees are contracted to work during the school term only on either a full or part-time basis.

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