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Jobs at Aberdeenshire Council

Karen Carroll

I started working for Aberdeenshire Council more than 10 years ago – in mainstream Home Care. I think I was only in post about 6 months when I applied for the post with Out of Hours (as it was known back then). Over the years my role has changed and evolved to the Home Care Responder post it is now.

I have worked with the Out of Hours service for years so I must enjoy it – It’s fits my life! I am a Home Care Responder (Nightshift) working 20.5 hours per week. This means that I only work 2 nights per week and the rest of my time is my own, so I am able to enjoy the (rare) good weather! There are always opportunities to pick up extra shifts, covering holiday and sick cover too.

There isn’t a typical shift as a Home Care Responder and I suppose that is what I like about the job, the variety. We could be responding to anything; someone has fallen or taken ill; palliative care matters or something as simple as a dropped remote control. The other week we were called out to a Fire Evacuation at a Sheltered Housing Complex.

I work within a great team – we all support each other and help each other out. Generally, we work in teams of 2, but sometimes there is a requirement to work on your own. We are based in the local Community Hospital and when things are quiet, we help out in the hospital as required. The Council provide all mandatory training and we also have the opportunity to undertake training that is not required, but relevant to the role.

I really enjoy my job and I feel like I’m helping to provide a valuable service in my local community. I appreciate that nightshift may not be for everyone, but it works for me!