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Jobs at Aberdeenshire Council

Leave Entitlement

Annual Leave

We offer a generous annual leave package ranging from 28 to 33 days and a public holiday entitlement of 6 days.

Sick Leave

Sickness allowance is payable at full or half pay if you are absent from work because of sickness or injury, following a period of either 18 or 26 weeks continuous Council Service.  This is dependent on the national terms and conditions for your post.

We also offer a range of flexible and family friendly initiatives and working arrangements to the majority of employees. Some of these initiatives include –

familyMaternity/Adoption Leave

Aberdeenshire Council gives maternity/adoption leave to its employees.

Parental Leave

Unpaid leave taken by a parent to care for their child, or make arrangements for the good of the child. Must be taken by the whole week (or multiples thereof) not by the day. In general, only four weeks may be taken per year per child.

Career Breaks Policy

This is an opportunity for employees to take a period of extended unpaid leave with the option of returning to work in the same or similar post.

Family Illness

One day of paid leave to care for a close relative/ spouse/ partner who has been taken ill suddenly or been injured and is unable to look after themselves, and to make care arrangements for further days if necessary.

Childcare Vouchers Scheme

The Childcare Initiative is a government approved scheme that allows you to set aside a portion of your weekly wage or monthly salary to pay for childcare.