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Linda McKay

I previously worked in the voluntary sector and when the service I worked for was brought back in-house by Aberdeenshire Council, this meant that existing staff were TUPE transferred across to the Council.  Being honest, I was very resistant to working for the Council initially, but it turned out to be a big positive for me.


The service I worked for was restructured and unfortunately there was not a role in the new structure for me, therefore I was placed on Redeployment.  Through the redeployment process, I secured a four-week work trial, which then rolled on to be an eight-week work trial and then a permanent contract.


Even from my early stages of being a Council employee, they have invested in my training and development and put me through courses and qualifications, relevant to my role and professional development.


I am really lucky to work in a such a supportive, collaborative team, who actually work as a team.  I have good relationships with my colleagues, my Senior and my Line Manager.  I have also forged effective working relationships with colleagues in other HROD teams.


I have worked with the Council for over seven years and have always been able to work flexibly, however having had a baby in January 2018 and returning to work full time in September 2018, I have really appreciated the flexibility that working for Aberdeenshire Council allows.  My partner works offshore and when he is away, I can work shorter periods in the office so that I can spend more time with my daughter.  Once she is in bed at night, I can choose to work in the evenings to catch up – I’m not expected to do this, but I choose to. 


I requested to reduce my hours to 30 hours per week, over four days which was agreed by my Team Leader.  I’ve been working four days since January 2019 and feel that being allowed to do this, has made me a better mum and employee. 


My experience of being a working parent has been very positive, mostly down to the family friendly flexibility that Aberdeenshire Council encourages. 

Linda McKay, HR Adviser