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Lisa Williams, Head Teacher Dunnottar Primary


“I always knew I wanted to be a Teacher, I never really considered any other field.  I went to Aberdeen University for 4 years to study my Diploma in Education, going on to work in summer camps with children in America.  This cemented the idea of working with children for me but I also decided I wanted to stay in Aberdeen.


At that time there were not many teaching opportunities available but I was lucky to be successful in getting a job at Fishermoss Primary, during the 10 years I worked there I learnt a lot from the experienced and forward thinking Teachers there.  I also worked with some great Head Teachers who offered me a lot of encouragement, recognising I wanted to further my career and supported my professional development.  I went on to become Depute Head at Quarryhill Primary and then Kaimhill Primary School in Aberdeen, during this time I was able to gather experience in different catchment areas and worked alongside a variety of professionals including Social Workers, Educational Psychologists and School Inspectors.  It was during an inspection that I was asked about my aspirations and encouraged to take the next step, and when the post of Head Teacher at Dunnottar Primary became available that is just what I did.  I was very keen to return to an Aberdeenshire School, I knew the school very well and it felt right, like I had come home.


We are very lucky to have the beach and the woods a stone throw away and the pupils are able to live and breathe the town centre, we have close links with not just local businesses but also organisations such as the RNLI and PILLAR.  Our unique location also offers our Teachers an amazing opportunity for CLPD for outdoor learning, helping them to develop their skills.”


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