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Jobs at Aberdeenshire Council

Matthew Philip

I commenced the Project SEARCH employment skills programme, run by the University of Aberdeen, in August 2018.  I had the chance to try three different internships and the second was based at Aberdeenshire Council.


The internship at Aberdeenshire Council helped me gain confidence in my own abilities and develop my customer service and interpersonal skills, essential when working in Reception.  The Reception team at Aberdeenshire Council were really welcoming and supportive while I was working with them. This meant I was able to settle in very quickly and become a valued member of the Reception team, helping me develop my confidence in an office environment.


During and after the internship I applied for various positions with different companies.  While I did not have immediate success I never gave up.  I took these experiences as a chance to develop my interview skills by asking for feedback and identifying areas I could work on.  In August 2019 I was interviewed for the position of Transport Officer within the Transportation department at Aberdeenshire Council and was successful.


I think Aberdeenshire Council is a great company to work for.  My colleagues have been very supportive over the last four months.  I am enjoying getting to know my work colleagues, both inside and outside of work.  The Council also offer a great range of employee benefits, such as access to hire cars and flexible working, which I have found really helpful.


I would recommend Aberdeenshire Council as an employer and I plan to continue working in my current role or equivalent in a different department for the foreseeable future.


Matthew Philip, Transport Officer