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Jobs at Aberdeenshire Council

Mike Insch

I joined Aberdeenshire Council in 2013 after applying for a post under the GJIS.  I had previously been searching the private sector for a new position, but despite being well qualified for the positions I applied for, I was never invited to interview, so reaching the interview stage with the council was a major boost for me. 


After starting, I was quickly assisted with additional equipment which enabled me to be more effective in my post.  Since then, as my visual impairment has worsened, the equipment has been updated and has allowed me to continue working effectively.  Being supported in this way reduces stress and increases my confidence and ensures I’m able to continue to make valuable contributions to my team’s work.


Working with the wider council has been a very positive experience, in every case where I’ve needed to make an adjustment (such as standing close to a presenters screen in a meeting, or needing additional time to read printed material) I’ve been well supported, and have felt that there has been a good general level of understanding of my own specific needs.  The Council has been a very positive place to work, boosting my confidence significantly by feeling included at every step.

 Mike Insch, ICT Senior Solutions Analyst