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Mona-Lise Myrmel

I started as a Home Care Responder with ARCH 3 years ago when the Service was in the Pilot phase. In the early days of we did a lot of Enablement, but over time the service has changed and evolved to what it is today.

I am a Day Time Responder based within a Very Shelter Housing complex and can honestly say no two days are the same. There isn’t a typical day in the role of Home Care Responder and that’s what I like about the role; the variety. There can be days where we are called out numerous times to attend to clients who have fallen or require urgent personal care (outwith their scheduled visits) and other days we can just be working within our base, assisting the staff there.

We generally work in teams of two, which means we usually have the support of a colleague which is really helpful given that we don’t always know what we are going in to. At times we can work on our own too – it just depends what the needs of the service user are. I am an experienced Carer and my previous experience has really helped me in the Responder role as you need to be confident in your own caring abilities, going in to sometimes unknown situations.

I really enjoy my job and the challenges it presents and I like that we are providing a valuable service to the local community. The view from my office / van window (on a sunny day) is something too!