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Positive work-life balance


Finding a suitable balance between work and daily living is a challenge that we all face. Families are particularly affected.

We want to support all our employees to have a positive work-life balance and we offer a range of flexible and family friendly initiatives and working arrangements to our employees.

Generous Annual Leave Entitlement

Up to five years continuous service – 29 days After five years continuous service – 34 days.

Flexible Working

Aberdeenshire Council supports flexible working as part of its commitment to quality of life, the provision of excellent services, sustainability, equality and best value.

The Council has various flexible working options such as Flexi Time, Mobile Working, Home Working, Annualised Hours, part time or term time working that you may be able to request depending on the service delivery your job requires.

Career Break

A career break is an opportunity for employees to take a period of extended unpaid leave with the option of returning to work in the same or similar post.

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave and Pay

We offer maternity and paternity enhancement on top of the government statutory rates of pay.  We also provide adoption leave provision and adoption pay.

Family special Leave

There may be times where you are faced with family illness or urgent family situations.  We have paid and unpaid Special leave provisions in place to support our employees.


Unfortunately, there are times when our employees are not feeling great or have health conditions that mean they need to take some of work. As a local government employee, you will receive the added benefit of the Sickness Scheme which is designed to supplement the Statutory Sick pay and Employment and Support Allowance.

We also offer supportive measures to phase employees back to work once they have recuperated sufficiently to return to work.

Phased Return to Work Where an employee has been off sick and appears to have recuperated sufficiently to return to work, the Occupational Health Provider or a Medical Professional may recommend a phased return to work. The purpose of a phased return is to rehabilitate the member of staff to their full duties and build back up to undertaking their normal working hours within the earliest agreed timescale.


Where appropriate, we also allow for reasonable adjustments is to remove or minimise, as far as reasonable, any disadvantages created by an employee’s disability or sickness to perform their day to day duty.