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Teaching Case Studies

Teaching in Aberdeenshire is a rewarding experience allowing you to develop not only the learning of our young residents but also your career, who better to hear this from than our Teachers themselves –


Darren McCance, Probationer Art Teacher, Alford Academy



“I decided to choose the preference waiver when I applied so could be based anywhere, I looked forward to the adventure and wanted to move on and make my own story”






Andy Carder, Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care, Meldrum Academy



“The transition from Teaching in England to Scotland was really easy.  I really like the community spirit you find in the little towns, in a city you are a stranger, but people know each other here and look out for one another.”





Lisa Williams, Head Teacher Dunnottar Primary


“Children benefit greatly from being in walking distance from the beach, harbour and woods.  And as a result, my teachers are able to create motivating and encouraging lessons in a range of different settings. There is a positive ethos across the whole authority which encourages staff to share ideas and resources to support colleagues”