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Equality & Diversity


We take great measures to help ensure we have a workplace built upon the appreciation of differences between individuals, creating an environment of fairness, dignity and respect.

  • In addition to our Equalities Policy, we ask that all employees undertake our courses on ‘Respecting Diversity’ and ‘Equalities – what does it mean for me?’
  • Our Corporate Equalities and Engagement Team work across the Council to improve access to services and opportunities for employees and residents by promoting equality in service delivery and employment.
  • Our HR service are continually reviewing policies, practices and initiatives we have in place to ensure we work within an inclusive and supportive environment.
  • There are also Equality Service Champions across the Council who can be approached in confidence with any queries or concerns individuals may have about equality and diversity within their service.
  • We monitor the diversity of our workforce

To help support an inclusive workplace, where diverse skills, views and backgrounds are acknowledged and valued, it is important that we collect, store and analyse data relating to our workforce.

This information can help to highlight any inequalities that may exist – the underlying cause of which may be investigated to remove any unfairness or disadvantage thereby helping to ensure our policies and practices are as effective as possible.


Employee Testimonials

You can get to know how our employees have found working for Aberdeenshire Council here


Awards and Accreditations

We have a number of awards and accreditations that we have worked to attain which we feel reflects the importance Equality and Diversity have for us as an employer.  You can review these and learn more about them here